Microtel Inn Davao: Where to stay in Davao City (Splurge Option)

The poor Traveler had always wanted to try Microtel. one of the reasons was that many of their branches were newly built and I just love how they position themselves in the market — budget hotels that won’t feel low-end. In fact, when I was planning a trip to Puerto Princesa, I seriously considered booking rooms with them. Unfortunately, they were fully-booked.

I searched Davao low-cost hotels on line and found out that we would be staying at Microtel Davao for our extreme adventure Tour. I was much more than glad. After all, if their tagline is to be believed, it’s “the same terrific hotel all over you go.” but that’s for another story.

Image from their official website
Anyway, we landed at Davao international airport smoothly. When we emerged from the airport, two Microtel vans were already waiting for us. because we were a party of 14, 2 vans were necessary. The ride was comfortable. It didn’t take long until we reached the hotel.

When we arrived, we approached the front desk and was given our essential cards. (Call me shallow but cards are always a plus for me. Hihi. I love hotels that use cards instead of the actual keys.) We were assigned room 127, good for two people. There were two queen-sized beds, an air-conditioning unit, a TV set, cable television and a personal refrigerator. On the desk were some complimentary durian and mangosteen yema and candies. There were also a pitcher and glasses of water. Freddo.

Well-lit rooms! Amore. <3 What I liked many about the room was that it was well-lit. Each light has its own switch so you can choose which parts of the room you’d want to light or keep in the dark. The restroom was also spacious and extremely clean. four sets of bath towels and face towels were waiting for us. By the sink were single-serving toothpaste, shampoo and soap. and of course, there’s hot WATER!!! The staff was also very, very courteous and helpful. On my first night, I was feeling extremely thirsty, I called for water and it was delivered in no time. Sala conferenze The conference room is also optimal for small company conferences. and I’m telling you, their glasses of water self-replenish. Well, not really, but because the crew just keep on filling it with water each time they spot them practically empty, it feels like it. Airphil express employees 😀 What I love many was its location. Although numerous travelers would hate the idea of it not being in the city center or downtown area, it is close to the airport. There are also so numerous restaurants around the area ranging from McDonalds and Tapsi (across the street), Yellow Cab (beside it) and the Swiss Deli (down the block). There’s also a benefit store nearby. Part of the package were buffet breakfast for two days. The food was just alright but the service was exceptional. Altri suggerimenti su YouTube ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Articoli correlati: Review: Bagobo beach resort in Panglao Island, Bohol Casa Linda Inn: Where to stay in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines I found My childhood at Casa San Pablo: Laguna, Philippines Hotel Maya: Where to stay in Culion, Palawan, Philippines Tameta Pension House: Where to stay in Coron, Palawan, Philippines WHERE TO stay NEAR CLARK: top 10 hotels MISIBIS BAY RESORT: top things to Do List of DOT-Accredited hotels & Resorts in DAVAO CITY

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